SUZHOU EAGRO LIMITED, established in 2004, is a China-based family-owned agrochemical company. EAGRO offers wide range of agrochemicals, intermediates and solvents, etc. EAGRO enjoys strong activity in Africa, Asia, Europe and South America. EAGRO benefits strongly from its GLP data dossiers and experienced registration team. EAGRO is devoted to offer satisfactory comprehensive services and endeavors to source new agrochemical intermediates for clients in the world. Through the advanced logistic system, experienced technicians and highly trained staff, EAGRO can tap into additional market opportunities. A solid global customer base confirms our reputation every day, as do our deep, durable working relations with the international customers. EAGRO strives to build long-term and mutually beneficial partnerships with each customer.

      Business segments

      Eagro offers technical grades, formulations, intermediates, solvents in various packing. The types of formulations include: DF, EC, EW, FS, OL, SC, SL, WG, WP, etc.






      Plant growth regulators






      Other chemicals

      In 2014, EAGRO deals with 85 active ingredients sourced from 90 manufacturers in China.


      1. We help our customers to be more successful.
      Our customers¡¯ success is also our success. We intensively analyze our customer specific requirements and together we develop the most suitable tailored solutions. We're there where our customers are. We invested in good time in growth markets and are now active in all important markets worldwide. In order to grow profitably, we want to focus even more closely on our customers' needs in the future and develop and apply the best business models for them and us.
      2. We form the best agrochemical team in China.
      We have committed and qualified employees and an excellent management team. Together, they ensure Eagro¡¯s success. We want to enhance our employees¡¯ opportunities for self-learning and learning on the job.
      3. We expand the new registrations with old clients and in new markets, to increase our sales.

      Values Principles

      We want to create assets that benefit all: our customers, our employees, our Company, as well as the country: China.

      Fun and Enjoyment - We enjoy who we are and what we do.

      People & Growth - We value each other and grow together.

      Responsible - We do the right thing.

      Creative - We do it better.


      1. Documentation
      2. Registration
      3. Monitoring
      4. Reach
      5. Financial
      6. Technical assistance


      2004.10 Established in Xihuan Road, Suzhou, China
      2006.5.22 Moved to the own office: Suite 902, Metropolitan Towers A, 199 Shishan Road, Suzhou 215011, China
      2006 Obtained our first GLP report for Epoxiconazole in GLP Lab.
      2009 entered into African market.
      2010 got the first registrations and enter into Argentina. Got two pre-registration REACH.
      2011 expanded the export list and supplied goods to some multinational companies (i.e.: Boehringer, Ciba, Lanxess, etc.)
      2012 obtained two registrations in Ethiopia. Entered into Bangladesh and South Africa markets.
      2013 Obtained REACH registration (number: 01-2119485027-36-00** ) of Esolv10/N,N-dimethyldecanamide (EC:238-405-1,CAS:14433-76-2) in Europe in May 2013.
      2014 Obtained pesticide registrations in Bangladesh, Egypt, Lebanon, Mexico, etc. markets, and also introduce products into Poland, Portugal, UK, etc.
      2015 entered into Japanese market.
      2016 Completed Silthiofam in Lab.
      2017 Completed the pilot technology of Prothioconazole. Developed the DF formulation: Metalaxyl-m+Mancozeb 4%+64%DF. Officially apply for REACH registration of Esolv 810/Reaction mass of N,N-dimethyldecan-1-amide and N,N-dimethyloctanamide (EC: 909-125-3,CAS No.:67359-57-3) in Europe in April 2017.

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